Field Trip to the Farmer’s Market!

IMG_3753-1Hi Hi! I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog these past few weeks. Lets’ just say with summer winding down i have been trying to enjoy all the sun and the beach that I can.

Currently my family and I are on Martha’s Vineyard. We come to the Island for about a month and it is probably my favorite time of year. It is filled with all day beach ventures, blue jeans, and bare feet. I also love the amount of access we have to fresh fruit and vegetables. There are farmers markets twice a week as well as tons of farms and farm stands all over the island.IMG_3762-1

On this trip to the farmer’s market we were replenishing our fruits and veggies, beautifying our kitchen, and getting our favorite breads/ baguettes.

My sister and I started off the morning early when the farmers market opened! We decided to have breakfast there and enjoy some homemade baked goods. What is better than a nutella filled croissant from Little Rock Farm. IMG_3791

My favorite thing about the farmer’s market is that it is all local vendors with their own products. I love supporting local business and also I feel that it is often better quality.

Morning Glory Farm is one of my favorites! They have a booth at the farmer’s market where we often get vegetables (they are well known for their corn!) (It is my moms favorite!!) Morning Glory Farm also has a large farm stand in Edgartown which is always fun to visit. We filled our bags with tomatoes, butter lettuce, and field greens, peaches, and of course corn.


Besides having just fruit and vegetables or other things grown locally, some venders offer homemade products such as soaps, teas, lotions, chapsticks, homeopathic balms, candles, cheeses, meats, you name it, it’s probably there.

IMG_3757  One of our other favorites is Beth’s Bakery! They are a vendor at the farmer’s market, they have the most amazing breads -our favorite is the cinnamon raison loaf.  We also love their baguettes. The sad thing is they are only there on Saturdays and not on Wednesdays. IMG_3777

Last on our grocery list was a vast amount of handpicked flowers that my grandmother then arranged for a dinner party we were hosting later  that evening and I picked out one filled with local meadow flowers that embodied my idea of a simple vineyard bouquet.


IMG_3756-1IMG_3774 I hope you enjoyed my little trip to the farmer’s market. Make sure to check to see if you have a local market in your town!


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